DIY Needle felted basket stuffer

I love to give my clients the most bespoke service I possibly can, a real personalised experience. So, where possible, I try to source props that are a little bit different. Or sometimes I like to make my own.

This is a little tutorial I’ve put together for how I make my needle felted basket stuffers. These beautiful little squares add a gorgeous finishing touch to prop images, and making them myself ensures that they are unique. Just another little personal touch.

So to make a basket stuffer I use:

Half an A4 sheet of craft felt

Needle felting tool (mine came from here)

Needle felting block (or block of stiff foam)

Thick wool, at least 4ply




Step 1: Cut wool into lengths around 6-8 inches long. My wool is a 50g ball, but its more than enough for a small stuffer.


Step 2: Carefully separate a strand of wool into two, and then each of those into two again. Chunkier wool can be split in half again.


Step 3: Place your felt n top of your felting block or foam. Take your strands of wool and place the ends in one corner of the felt, with the main lengths of wool facing outwards. Then use the needle felting tool to pummel it until it is fastened to the felt.

Step 4: Repeat the last two steps all the way around the outside of the felt.


Step 5: Keep working your way around the inside of the felt, until it is all filled in. Add a few more lengths of wool to the middle, so it doesn’t look too flat.


And thats it! A few hours of work and a unique, bespoke prop to use 🙂