The endless battle for the perfect party!

My eldest son turned 11 a few weeks ago. Every year, as his birthday approaches, I face a dilemma that I’m sure many parents of older children can relate to, the dreaded birthday party decision! I have to admit, I only have myself to blame here. His very first party, for his fifth birthday, was so awesome and memorable that I find myself having to try and come up with something a bit different to the norm every year! That first party was an animal encounter party, long before animal encounter parties were all over the place. 
Since then we have been tobogganing, bowling and had an outdoor adventure building campfires and shelters. We have missed a few years due to illness or lack of inspiration! But this year he only had one thing in mind, something he has been asking about for a few years but has been too young for until now. This year, we have been paintballing!

We found a great place nearby, Domination paintball. The staff were fantastic with the kids, scared them into be having with tales of people in America who has removed their masks and been shot in the eye and died! None of them were tempted to remove their masks after that! 

Of course, I took my camera! I relished the opportunity to shoot something a bit different, and edit alot more gritty and urban than my normal style! I was made to don a mask that my daughter gleefully told me made me look like Antman, and was then allowed to enter the battlezone. The paintballs whizzing around made me slightly nervous, as aside from the mask I was not dressed for getting covered in yellow paint! But one of the marshals kindly shielded me and my camera from harm with a riot shield.

Great fun was had by all, every child went home happy but exhausted, full of tales of shooting his friends. They are still reliving it now. I call that a success!

So now to relax and forget about birthday party stress. Until next year. The struggle is real :/