Print sizes – Wall display guide

I often get asked about sizes for prints. What size will look best on my wall? Its hard to visualise sizes you are unfamiliar with, so often people will opt for the sizes they know. 5×7 and 10×8 prints are great, low priced options. They fit into an album, are great for table top display. But they often get lost on the wall.

Thats when you get into the realm of larger sizes, and it can be a bit overwhelming!

So I’ve put together a little infographic, which will hopefully help you to see how some of the more common sizes would look when displayed on the wall.


My motto is, if in doubt, go large! Photographs are made to be displayed 🙂 Research shows that children who grows up surrounded by family photographs have better self esteem and a greater sense of belonging. Some researchers even recommend displaying family photos in a child’s bedroom, so that they are the last things they see before they go to sleep, and the first things they see when they wake. They believe that this shows a child they are loved and cared for, that they are important.

So don’t just stick them in an album, or hide them in a drawer. Print them, display them. Talk about them with your children as they grow, share the memories with them, even if they were too young to remember when it was taken. Photographs are more than just a snapshot in time, they are memories. They are something to be proud of, so put them on the wall for all to see 🙂